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58% of employees want a new job if they are no longer allowed to work remotely

Teleworking is less and less necessary now that the number of Covid infections is declining and more and more companies are operating as they did before the pandemic.

However, the pandemic has definitely changed certain aspects of the mindset of companies and employees.

Flexjobs conducted a survey among 2100 people who worked remotely during the pandemic.

Key findings

Do employees want to continue teleworking?

  • 65% want to continue teleworking
  • 33% prefer hybrid working (partly teleworking, partly at the office)
  • 2% want to return to the office


What if employees are no longer allowed to telework?

  • 58% will look for a new job if they cannot continue telework
  • 31% still have doubts what to do
  • 11% think telework is not the most important thing.


Reasons employees want to to continue teleworking:

  • 84% say not having to travel to work is their main reason
  • 75% say it is saves costs


Reasons employees no longer want to telework:

  • 35% say they cannot disconnect from work
  • 28% indicate that they are distracted during telework
  • 28% indicate that technical problems are a reason for not teleworking
  • 26% have difficulties finding reliable Wi-Fi
  • 24% think that video meetings are too tiring


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