Hybrid Work Support in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur
I organize my hybrid stay in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region

BE Remote – Hybrid working in Hyères

Looking for a change of scenery while working remotely? Do you want to spend some time in the sun and discover amazing places to visit ?  The South of France is your teleworking destination ! It has a wonderful climate with long warm summer days stretching through to September and October, fantastic beaches and incredible landscapes.

What if we went to Hyères?

Coworking Space
La Belle Place

Let’s work remotely in Hyères and don’t miss the best things to do!

Walk through the city and discover its many facets : Massillon Square, Tour des Templiers, Collégiale Saint Paul, Passage Jules Romain, The Peniscola House and the Temple Knight Tower, Porte des Princes, Castel Sainte Claire, The Castle, Villa Noailles, Place Portalet, Park Hotel, Palace Lutéti, Villa Chapoulart & Tour Jeanne, Grand Hôtel des Iles d’or, Godillot fountain and Anglican Church, Villa Tunisienne, Villa la Criquette.

Stroll through the parks and gardens : le Parc du Castel Sainte-Claire, le Parc Saint Bernard, le Parc Olbius Riquier, le Plantier de Costebelle, Le jardin Emmanuel Lopez à Porquerolles and through its flea markets : Magic World parking, la Capte, Espace St Nicolas, Place de la République, Centr’Azur parking.

Discover the multiple districts of Hyères : l’Aygade, Le Port, la Capte, Les Salins, Giens, La Vallée de Sauvebonne, Borrels Valley.

Walking or cycling in the countryside : Giens peninsula and its coastal path, the Salt Route and the Pesquiers salt marshes, the ancient saltmarshes and birds, the Borrels Valley.

Escape to one of the golden islesPorquerollesPort-CrosLe Levant.

Breathe the sea air on one of the beaches : Plage de l’AlmanarrePlage des Oursinières, Plage de l’AygadePlage des PesquiersPlage BonaPlage des SalinsPlage Naturiste des Vieux SalinsPlage d’ArgentPlage du CeinturonPlage de la CaptePlage de la BergeriePlage de La BadinePlage de la MadraguePlage du Langoustier.

Taste the South in one of the many local Vineyards & Estates and restaurants.

Enjoy nautical activities : diving, snorkelling, kayaking, water hiking , paddling,  kitesurfing, windsurfing, jet skiing, flyboarding, yachting, wakeboarding, sailing, sea excursions, fishing, underwater viewing, dolphin watching.

Relax in one of the city’s establishments : Hyères aquatic complex, thalassa, spa, hammam, balneo.

Disconnect and reach for the stars : The Observatory of the Pic des Fées.

“Hyères, Eden of Provence, gardens of perfumes and oranges, gulf without storm and without winter, refreshed in summer by the fragrant breeze of the neighbouring archipelago”.
Louis Mery (History of Provence 1830)