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Key measures for organising telework

7 mesures clés pour organiser le télétravail


At a time when telework is the rule for all activities that allow it, questions may arise: how to set up telework as an employer? How to manage one’s team in telework? Who can help? As an employee, how can you live your telework well? Consult the 3 guides for employers, managers and employees.


7 key measures to organise telework well as employers

● Identify teleworkable activities.

● Make sure that the telework framework is defined and known by each employee and provide the necessary equipment (hardware, computer accessories, supplies, etc.).

● Define the time slots at which teleworking employees can be contacted, facilitating the articulation between professional and personal life when the organisation allows it.

● Make sure that you are familiar with digital tools and provide the necessary support if necessary (training, time for sharing practices internally, support from the person in charge of IT, etc.).

● Encourage your managers to support employees during this period.

● Maintain a regular link with all employees to share decisions and recognise the work done.

● Ensure that the right to disconnection is enforced (e-mails and calls during working hours, respect for break and rest times, etc.).


7 key meaures to organise yourself as a team of managers

● Specify, in connection with each team member, the outlines, expectations and means for teleworkable activities.

● Organise regular team meetings and regular exchanges with each employee.

● Promote the continuation of joint work within the team and encourage exchanges within the teams.

● Regularly collect the needs and difficulties of your employees, paying particular attention to those teleworking for the first time and to new recruits, and value the work of each one (thanks, feedback, evolution of entrusted missions, etc.).

● Call on internal resources (prevention, HR, IT, etc.) or externally to find solutions to collective or individual problems.

● Express your own needs during the period to your management and exchange regularly with other managers.

● Make sure you have mastered digital tools within your team and provide the necessary support if needed (training, time for sharing internal practices, support from the person in charge of IT, etc.).


7 key measures to enjoy teleworking as an employee

● Organize your work within the framework defined by your employer.

● Arrange your workspace while ensuring your comfort (screen position, chair, light, etc.).

● Plan for breaks and maintain physical activity.

● Plan your day: recreate a rhythm similar to your usual work, dress as if you were going to the office

● Report any professional or personal difficulties and discuss them with your manager.

● Participate actively in team meetings and do not hesitate to interact regularly with your colleagues.

● Check that you have mastered all the necessary IT tools and do not hesitate to ask for support, if necessary. IT tools – puzzling or easy? Don’t hesitate to ask for support.


Source: Directte Published on December 9, 2020