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The relationship between hybrid working and Corporate Social Responsibility

Hybrid working is a work method that offers a combination of working in the office and working from home or another external location. This has many benefits for employees and employers, such as more flexibility and a better work-life balance. Additionally, hybrid working also has a positive impact on the environment and can contribute to reducing climate problems and promoting sustainability.

One of the main ways in which hybrid working contributes to sustainability is by reducing commuting. By working from home part of the time, employees do not have to travel long distances to their workplace on a daily basis. This reduces the emissions of harmful substances, such as CO2, that are released when driving cars and other means of transportation. Additionally, it saves employees time and money that they would otherwise spend on commuting and also reduces the risk of traffic accidents.

Furthermore, hybrid working can also lead to more efficient use of office space and energy. If employees are not all in the office on the same days, the company can save on heating, lighting, and other energy costs. This not only reduces the company’s ecological footprint, but can also lead to cost savings and an improvement in profitability.

Furthermore, hybrid working can also contribute to better employee health and well-being, which in turn contributes to long-term sustainability. By offering more flexibility in working hours and environment, the company can create a work culture in which employees feel less stressed and are less likely to become ill or drop out. This results in health savings for healthcare. Prevention is always a better way of healthcare than solving problems afterwards. Having a lot of stress also gives stress to the people around you, such as colleagues at work and in your family. Reducing stress therefore leads to fewer conflicts and a more pleasant society.

In short, hybrid working has a significant impact on climate, sustainability, and human well-being.