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BE Remote – Hybrid working in Fréjus

Need a change of scenery ; you want to be somewhere else for a while?

Do you want to spend some time in the sun and discover beautiful places to visit?  The South of France is your teleworking destination! It has a wonderful climate with long warm summer days stretching through to September and October and incredible landscapes. Let’s explore a Roman city in the heart of the French Riviera, while discovering magnificent landscapes around.

Let’s go to Fréjus !

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Explore the city of Fréjus and its fascinating historical center : the Roman amphitheater, the Roman aqueduct, the Aurélienne villa, Cocteau Chapel, Sainte Léonce Cathedral, the Roman rampart, Aréca park, Missiri mosque, Hong-Hiên pagoda Tû, the Porte d’Orée, Malpasset dam.

Stroll along the small pedestrian streets of the port of Fréjus.

Discover other towns and villages on the Mediterranean coast where it is so good to stay and work from home: Saint-Raphaël, Sainte Maxime and don’t forget Saint-Tropez.

Breathe the fresh air in the Massif de l’Estérel, which offers a breathtaking landscape.

Climb the Mont-Vinaigre with its magnificent viewpoint.

Take the Corniche d´Or, a road bordered by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean sea and the red rocks of the Estérel massif connecting Saint-Raphaël and Cannes.

Relax and cool off at Lac de Saint Cassien with its large number of beaches and its much quieter little coves.

  • Fréjus Tourist Office – 249 rue Jean Jaurès – 83600 Fréjus
  • Remote United Sud remains at your service to guide you during your stay and make your professional experience unique and unforgettable in the South of France :