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Successful onboarding of remote employees

Onboarding and training of new employees are key steps in a telework context so that the new recruit quickly becomes an entire member of the team.

By adopting a well-defined induction and training plan, the challenges of teleworking can be managed effectively.

How can this be done?

1/ The first step, from signing the contract to logging in on the first day of teleworking, is essential.  New employees need to have access to the system (including e-mail, chat and learning modules), everything that is necessary for a smooth day-to-day operation.  The problem of access is one of the most common problems of a newcomer’s first day.  The employee should feel connected to the workplace, even if they are not physically present.

2/ Show the new employee the company’s willingness to help them to adapt by giving them access to the structure (and organisational charts), as well as to information about the company’s culture and values.

3/ Facilitate and promote the social and professional integration of the employee in the new workplace. A good practice is to plan the first virtual meeting with the whole team to create a sense of belonging from the start. Team members can briefly introduce themselves (preferably on camera).

4/ Ask each team member to spend some “face to face time” with the new colleague in an informal, mindful call. It is important that teleworking employees continue to find opportunities to learn from each other for the benefit of the team spirit, especially when employees are no longer together in the same office.

5/ Communicate to the employee the expectations of their job (their tasks, roles and responsibilities) and support the employee to become autonomous as soon as possible within the team. It is preferable to give other team members the opportunity to participate in this induction process (on a voluntary basis) so that everyone feels included.