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EN – Remote Work

EN - Remote Work

How ‘deliberate listening’ builds bonds between managers and workers

The digital transformation of the workplace has created greater opportunities for new forms of work arrangements — remote, hybrid, distributed and flexible work. While in-person meetings create opportunities for conversation, employees in online meetings tend to drop off immediately at the end of the meeting and return to their work in a split-second.

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EN - Remote Work

BE Remote – Hybrid working in Hyères

Looking for a change of scenery while working remotely? Do you want to spend some time in the sun and discover amazing places to visit ?  The South of France is your teleworking destination ! It has a wonderful climate with long warm summer days stretching through to September and October, fantastic beaches and incredible landscapes.

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EN - Remote Work

Successful onboarding of remote employees

Onboarding and training of new employees are key steps in a telework context so that the new recruit quickly becomes an entire member of the team.

By adopting a well-defined induction and training plan, the challenges of teleworking can be managed effectively. 

How can this be done?

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EN - Remote Work

How to telework effectively as a team

1/ Establish ground rules

Even if team members work remotely, they must still demonstrate a set of acceptable behaviours. This is even more valid for virtual teams:

– Time slot during which team members are reachable
– Attendance at mandatory virtual meetings

o Log in on time, if possible.
o Have the right to express yourself freely.
o Listen to and respect all points of view.

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