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How to make work meaningful?

The worldwide health crisis we are going through is undeniably changing our habits and our relationship to work. The year 2020 gave many of us time for reflection and introspection.

Giving meaning to what we do is an essentiel condition for our fulfilment and well-being and more than ever relevant in a complex and uncertain professional (VUCA) environment.

As long as we know why we do something and what do we do it for, we get better results and become less sensitive to stress.

By finding meaning in our work, we achieve more.

We all react differently to this search for meaning. Whether we are striving to preserve the Amazon rainforest or making the third presentation of the day in a video conference meetings, we need to be aligned with who we are.

Here are a few ideas to help you:

Take a step back: this will allow you to identify your fields of action and better understand your role or mission as a remote worker in the overall organisation of your company or field of work.

Engage in related company projects or activities with virtual collaborators other than your close colleagues; this will boost your motivation and help you to establish relationships.

Valorise what you do, share your skills and share your know-how with those around you.

Make a regular list of your accomplishments and reward yourself (by putting your screen on standby and take that coffee break or walk 10 minutes away from home).

Set SMART goals :

 Specific: concrete and precise

Measurable or qualifying

Attainable: ambitious and reasonable

Realistic: relevant and motivating

Time: delimited in time